Our Specials

Le Feu Follet (Jack o’lantern) - $18

1.5oz French imported vodka

.5 oz Pumpkin pie cream liqueur

.5 oz cinnamon whiskey

Shaken over ice and served up

Danse de la Mort (Death Dance) - $16

1 oz. 10-year-old tawny port

2 oz. sweet vermouth

3 dashes of lavender bitters

½ tbsp Amaretto 

½ tbsp fresh lemon juice

Shake well over ice and serve up with a twist of lemon 

Mule Orange - $15

Jameson Orange Whiskey 1.5 oz

Splash of fresh squeezed orange juice .5oz

Fever Tree Ginger Beer 3 oz

Dash of Angostoro Orange Bitters 

Rotating Tap - $10

California Honey has been a Pizza Port favorite since the early days. Brewed with the addition of local California honey, this blonde ale is crisp and refreshing with a hint of sweetness and a smooth finish. (Courtesy of Pizza Port Brewing Co)

Featured Wine - $57 $45 Now 20% off! Casa Ferreirinha Papa Figos Douro 2018

From the Douro Valley in Portugal, this rich, complex  red showcases an intense bouquet of red fruit, heather, balsamic and cocoa. Pairs great with our Boeuf Bourguignon!